Monday, November 14, 2011

Are there bones in heaven?

 For months we have been saying it's almost time. Late last night...the dreaded time came. Our wonderful, loving Brutus passed away peacefully with both of us sitting on the floor petting him and calming him as he went over the Rainbow Bridge. In recent years Brutus lost his hearing, and we had to go back to using a leash because he couldn't hear us call him back when he was running around in our fields. His athritis caused his legs to be stiff, and it took him a lot longer to get moving. We were patient, and I know he appreciated it.
He always loved to go upstairs, but our stairs became dangerous for him as they have no risers so we put up baby gates and were saddened that he couldn't go to his favorite place in the house. In his younger days he was always with us and loved to ride in the car or truck. Here he is helping two of our grandchildren put up a tent in the backyard.

He would go on vacations with me, and he traveled a lot and loved sniffing out new places. He attended hook-ins and loved sleeping on my wool. Here he is with my friend Mo at Maidstone lake in Vermont at camp. Sadly, Mo is gone too. Perhaps she will take care of him for us.
His favorite place was the couch, which he often shared with my hubby. He put his head on a pillow and totally enjoyed his couch naps when he was able to get the couch to himself. This picture was taken last Christmas after he opened his presents. It was comical to see a man, large dog and 12 pound cat vie for the couch. I didn't try to compete as I would have lost. Brutus was one of those dogs who just wanted to be with you no matter what you were doing, and we both loved sharing our lives with him. Thank you Brutus, for 15 years of love and laughs and wonderful memories. Big hugs in peace. You will be missed.