Monday, July 18, 2011

Textures and designs

I have just returned from a family reunion in Georgia. It was the first time my family has gathered together since my Dad passed away. It was terribly hot and quite humid, but we had a good time together. I have the best family and love them dearly.

Whether I travel or am at home, I always notice textures in objects. I also notice colors, particularly the muted grays and browns that don't jump out at you. Subtle shading from nature makes me happy. Textures and colors inspire me to pick up my rug hook and create something. I thought I would share some of the things I saw in hope that perhaps you will be inspired too. I don't expect you to create designs from photographs, but to choose some things in your world that make you happy. Gather those things together and perhaps the artist in your soul will be inspired.

I liked the uniform round shapes of these caramel apples in a candy store. And the shapes of the stones might work as a scrap rug in muted tones.

I needed to look down to keep from tripping on the uneven stones, but enjoyed the patterns.

This was my favorite and I know it will eventually become a design for a rug.Textured walls were everywhere with uneven flaking paint. I don't know why I appreciate flaking paint, but I do. Perhaps I just like seeing imperfections. This oval window was also interesting.These plants (caladium?) had beautiful colors. The little lady is my neice Addy. Just after I took this shot she bent forward to smell the "fwower" and fell into the muddy planter. She was surprised and unhurt, and I was laughing!I have no idea what this is but talk about texture and color! Wow! It was fuzzy prickly spiny all at the same time!Pompous grasses always look so soft, and a strong breeze was blowing making them flutter and flow in the wind.This photo doesn't show the true deep lime green of this dock post, but you can see the beautiful patterning from the wear and wood grain.In the morning light the trees became sillhouettes. look at the top of the tree...see the bird?

Palms...such interesting plants.

If you are interested in seeing additional pictures of my trip please connect with me on Facebook (Lauri Troutman). I found no other rug hookers, spinners, needlepunchers, felters or knitters in Georgia, but I didn't look very hard. I did find many basket makers. I was there to enjoy the scenery, spend time with my family and relax. And I did!


WoolenSails said...

I am glad you had a nice trip. I owe you an email, but was waiting till you got home. Think the heat is baking my brain;)


dulcy said...

Love this post! It's good for me to look around at what's right in front of my eye for inspiration. Looks like you have lots of wonderful ideas and patterns to choose from!