Saturday, February 12, 2011

Eliot Hook in

The annual Eliot Maine hook-in was a lovely gathering of rug hookers who needed a social day of respite from being housebound from the snow. We don't complain about the weather up here because after's Maine. It's supposed to be cold and snowy in the winter! I believe this was the 27th annual event, and it was held in a new conference center across from the former church location. It had a touch of elegance and was far superior to the church. We have fond memories of abundant laughter in the church but it was time for something larger. You may be able to click on photos in this post for a closer view.

The main areas were carpeted, and the rugs that people wanted to display were placed on the wood dance floor. This isn't a large hook in, and this year many couldn't attend for one reason or another so I would guess about 70 were in attendance. The amazing talent of many members in this group certainly makes up for it's size.

I apologize that I did not record the names of the rug makers or their designers. I was intent on chatting, hooking, studying the rugs and a bit of shopping. I wasn't writing anything down. You may be able to see some information on some of the tags of the display rugs. I also apologize that my new laptop is flipping photo's and being uncooperative, so some pictures are sideways.

The following rug is being hooked by Millie Parks. I knew Millie for years as we are both in local chapters of Beta Sigma Phi, an International women's sorority. Then I found out she was a hooker! She makes fabulous large rugs and has been featured in Celebrations with a beautiful rug of a heron. She makes big rugs!!!

Jackye Hanson is another local with amazing talent. Her sculpted Waldoboro style rugs are a joy to see, and pure velvet to touch. She has been teaching new designs on how to incorporate stitching with alternate materials into mats.

This hook-in has vendors, and in the past they have been relegated to the basement of the church. But this year we were all in the same room so we could enjoy the day together. Luscious wools dyed in a variety of techniques tempted us, as well as many other items. I bought an ATC stamp from Kim Dubay that I have has on my list.

Isn't this panda pillow beautiful? I believe it was made by Angela Foote, who dyes unique and beautiful wools. I just love this!

I had to get a picture of the back of Diane's lovely wool jacket. I'm so sorry she's sideways!

This was a display of Artist Trading Cards, commonly known as ATC's. They work up quickly and are easy to design as they are small at only about 3 X 4 inches.

It was a nice day and I can't think of a place I'd rather be than with a group of rug hooking enthusiasts on a cold winter afternoon. And I do mean cold!


WoolenSails said...

Wonderful way to spend the day and such wonderful rugs, lots of talent. I haven't hooked in ages, but getting the itch to make something.


BeFRuiTFuL KReaTioNS said...

Looks like a lot of fun rugs. The perfect day for a rug hooker. Glad you could go. Thanks for sharing.

newburyarts said...

*****the pineapple's in the runner
need!!! great pictures, thanks for sharing!!!

leLoops said...

Hello! I just became one of the "stalkers" it!

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ShabbySheep said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures with us! Beautiful rugs. I also loved those pins! Who made them? I can't make out the name on the tag. Do you know? I am also intrigued by the large floor frame where the backing is laced onto the frame. Haven't seen one of those in person!
Take care
xo, Sheri

Tiff said...

THank you for sharing all the lovely pics. I stumbled across your blog via another blog and so happy I did. I had no idea about the hook in in Eliot. We used to live down there about 16 years ago, but now we are up in Gorham. Do you happen to know any groups up my way that meet on a regular basis?


laurenn_20 said...

Thanks so much for posting all those pictures. It's great to see the work of others and it sounds like a perfect day. Wish I lived closer!

Kimichris said...

Those rugs are so beautiful!!! I was inspired to get my wooly projects out! I'm going to be on sick leave for about 4 to 6 weeks so I can really get some stitching done! :)


Expungement said...

I cannot say I know much about Eliot, the town. It is my theory that, unless you live there, Eliot is a hard town to know.