Sunday, December 18, 2011

Catching up...

I realize that there are some people who are able to add to their blogs every day, but I cannot. So once in awhile I have to catch you up with things that have been going on in my life. I wanted to thank all of you who posted notes about our loss of Brutus. Your kindness and loving thoughts really helped. We miss him constantly and our cat Rascal has lost her companion so has been walking around the house meowing for her Brudy, but she can't find him. His ashes are in a wooden box on our windowsill.

I never completed posting from the ATHA conference, but at this point you have probably enjoyed seeing all the rugs on other sites. But here are a few you probably didn't see. I believe they were made by Heather Richie.

One of my classes was with Peggy Hannum, who makes amazing and beautiful rugs. She is donating a rug she made to the hooked Rug Museum of North America, and brought it to show me but I didn't get a photo of it. She had some kits for pillows and purses and I loved the colors she chose for this one.

Shortly after my return from Pennsylvania it suddenly became winter for a few weeks. This was how my world looked for Halloween!

My next getaway came quickly with the Alfred, Maine hook-in, which is a 3 day weekend held each Spring and Fall. It is a simple weekend with no frills. We stay in sparse rooms in an old building, but the hooking rooms are sunny and full of laughter. It is a great weekend of fun and plenty of hooking time with wonderful friends. Here are a few of the things people were working on:

I often feel badly for not posting the names of the people who hooked the rugs, but I will confess that I don't always record them and sometimes am just lazy and don't take the time. If you know the hookers and want me to add information please let me know.

I completed my "Friendship Squares" rug and although I enjoyed making it I am glad to have it off the frame. I will bind it with navy blue wool yarn during Christmas weekend.

I drove out to Vermont to spend two days at the Vermont Rug Hooking Guild "Hooked in the Mountains" show. It is always an amazing show and this year they outdid themselves. If you have not seen pictures of the show you can go to facebook and do a search as there are several places to enjoy the rugs.

Last weekend was our ATHA chapter Tin Pedlar's meeting and holiday party. It was quite nice with plenty of food, door prizes and a Yankee stylewoolie  swap. I took few pictures but here is a nice one of Jackye Hanson opening her swap gift.
And of course there was an abundance of food. The set up committee did a wonderful job and everything looked festive. 
 I began another rug that has a quilt design based on Amish quilt squares. There are three sections and I am starting in the center. I think the colors I chose will look pretty together as they are rich jewel tones of wool.

 Yesterday I went to the local Farmer's Market held at the Wentworth Greenhouses in Dover, NH. It was a chilly day and there was something wonderful about going into the large greenhouses with the warmth, humidity and lots of plants.
Since it is Winter they have one large greenhouse available for the market. The variety of foods is astonishing and you can get anything from meats to eggs and of course plenty of vegetables. Tonight we had roasted apple & camambert cheese ravioli with alfredo sauce and fresh string beans. I also bought some whole bean coffee roasted locally.

 Loaves of fresh breads with a wonderful aroma.

The displays looked beautiful and these were tempting.
Yum...brussel sprouts...waiting to be roasted with butter and garlic.

Garlic...yes, here it is!

And there was music adding to the festive atmosphere. The chilly outdoor temperatures were forgotten.

 Of course the greenhouse had many plants for sale including things we cannot grow outside in our climate. These lemons were a cheerful color.

 "Tis the season for pointsettias, and one of their other greenhouses had thousands to choose from. I loved the soft colors on the pink leaves.

 And of course there were artists and plenty of fibery fun. Basketmakers, glass beads and jewelry, gorgeous wood cutting boards and plenty more. Spinners spun pretty hand dyed wool.
Most of the vendors have farms and Riverslea Farm had hand knit items as well as wools and fiber to spin. Several years ago I bought a soft fleece for the seat of my chair.

And my friend Rae was overseeing the items from the Wool and Goods store she owns with Kathy in Rollinsford, NH. Everything looked beautiful, but the shop has so much more so stop by when you are on the Seacoast of New Hampshire and Maine. Their wools are luscious, they have a nice variety of classes  and you won't meet nicer women anywhere!
So that catches you up with my life outside of work. The coming week will be a flurry of activity as I finish up some small presents and send out mailings, bake yummies and wrap. If anyone knows how to wrap an extension ladder let me know! If I don't connect with you for Christmas please enjoy a safe holiday full of love and the true meaning of the Birthday the holiday represents. God bless you!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Are there bones in heaven?

 For months we have been saying it's almost time. Late last night...the dreaded time came. Our wonderful, loving Brutus passed away peacefully with both of us sitting on the floor petting him and calming him as he went over the Rainbow Bridge. In recent years Brutus lost his hearing, and we had to go back to using a leash because he couldn't hear us call him back when he was running around in our fields. His athritis caused his legs to be stiff, and it took him a lot longer to get moving. We were patient, and I know he appreciated it.
He always loved to go upstairs, but our stairs became dangerous for him as they have no risers so we put up baby gates and were saddened that he couldn't go to his favorite place in the house. In his younger days he was always with us and loved to ride in the car or truck. Here he is helping two of our grandchildren put up a tent in the backyard.

He would go on vacations with me, and he traveled a lot and loved sniffing out new places. He attended hook-ins and loved sleeping on my wool. Here he is with my friend Mo at Maidstone lake in Vermont at camp. Sadly, Mo is gone too. Perhaps she will take care of him for us.
His favorite place was the couch, which he often shared with my hubby. He put his head on a pillow and totally enjoyed his couch naps when he was able to get the couch to himself. This picture was taken last Christmas after he opened his presents. It was comical to see a man, large dog and 12 pound cat vie for the couch. I didn't try to compete as I would have lost. Brutus was one of those dogs who just wanted to be with you no matter what you were doing, and we both loved sharing our lives with him. Thank you Brutus, for 15 years of love and laughs and wonderful memories. Big hugs in peace. You will be missed.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Setting up the rug show...

My day began early with the drive over to the Eden Hotel. I was one of the team who had volunteered to set up the rug show for ATHA. New partitions have been purchased by ATHA to ensure that this and future shows look professional. The assembly of the new partitions went quite well until we realized there were missing parts. Some dowels were found and cut and when combined with rubber bands sufficed to get the walls up by lunchtime.

When registration for rugs began they were each double tagged, and brought into the room where they were grouped by theme or colors. There were some wonderful rugs I wanted to investigate but at this point we were far too busy creating the shape of the display walls.

When the walls were fully assembled there were rods to place across the top to stabilize the display. Then we all began hanging the rugs. We split into teams, with a group doing the Magdelina rugs, and another doing large round rugs, and another doing the Red challenge.
It was like asswembling a giant puzzle with different size pieces, and colors were important. We had to find a proper home for every piece that would show it off.

There were quite a few items such as footstools, pillows and one beautiful hooked upholstered chair.
The vendors were incredibly busy on the outskirts of the rug show area as they brought in thousands of pounds of goodies. They worked very hard to make their booths attractive and easy for everyone to access. I know they hope to go home empty handed, and I'm sure we will all help them!
Shhhh! Here is a sneak sampling of some of the wonderful rugs that will be in the show that opens tomorrow. don't tell anyone!
This rug is called "Flight" hooked by Elizabeth (Liz) Marino. I love it and the picture does not do it justice. The reflection is amazing.
This is "Beyond Tradition" hooked by Ann Shamberger. It is an adaptation of a  Hopi artist( Lomayesra?)
This is "Sorrow" by Ivy Collier. The colors are wonderful and I would love to know the story behind it. We all know that rugs tell stories.
Next is "The Fish and the Pond" by Barbara Twigg.

"Mater Gravida" by Debra Walland.

"All Cooped Up" hooked by Marcye Gough

"Heritage: hooked by Joan Strausbaugh. It would be very hard for me to pick a favorite rug of the show, but this would be in my top five. It's gorgeous!

I don't remember the name of the rugger that hooked this Mola, but the colors are vibrant!
That was your sneak peak into the ATHA rug show. I hope you can stop by Lancaster and see the rest of the rugs in person. If not, check back here as I will try to do updates every evening. After all the work setting things up with the "show girls" it was time to go to the local buffet. they are quite common in this area.