Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Spinning Bee

I recently attended a Spinning Bee at Tare Share Farm. This homestead was built in the mid-1700's which is the same time frame as our home. It is also a Cape home like ours. The difference is that this home has been kept as authentic as possible over the years, and is historically correct.
They had tents out on the lawn for the spinning wheels and I would guess about 50 or more spinners came to enjoy the day. It was hot, but there was plenty of shade and refreshments.
The owners of the property set up several games for people to play. The niddy noddy contest involved placing measures skeins of yarn on a swift and on the mark everyone tried to spin the yarn off the swift onto a niddy noddy the fastest. After narrowing the field the winners were announced and they won lovely fibery prizes to spin up. I have it on video but am not sure how to post a video here!
My favorite part of the homestead was the Spinning Barn. Yes, they have a barn dedicated exclusively for their collection of antique spinning wheels and spinning tools! Almost all of the wheels are from this local area and they have an extensive collection. This photo shows the large loom in the barn. After all, you have to make something with all of the yarn you are spinning!
The loft area held some nice old wheels that had a wonderful patina. These wheels are in working condition.

The barn also had several walking wheels, chairs made of spinning wheel parts and an assortment of tools. It was a very interesting place to spend some time!
Another loft held yet more wheels. They were everywhere! I wanted to spend all my time investigating all of the antique wheels but also had to spend some time spinning, watching competitions, eating snacks and of course checking out their house.
Since it is a working farm they had some critters. These colorful little friends were underfoot and seemed to like the sound of all the spinning wheels.
Of course there were sheep...quite a variety. Thi one caught my attention because of his fashionable hairstyle. I don't think he could see much!
There were red cows with long horns but they were shy and every time I attempted to take a picture they walked behind trees. The inside of the home had small rooms and the original fireplaces. It is furnished in period furniture, which is mostly primitive in the style of the home. It was a great way to spend a day and make new friends. And it was only a couple miles down the road!


WoolenSails said...

That sounds like a fun day and her house sounds wonderful, did you get picts?


Kimichris said...

That looks like a good ole fashioned good time! Those old spinning wheels in the barn topped it off!

LadybugSue said...

I was here too! Love it all