Thursday, July 22, 2010

Garden Party in Searsport

I was looking forward to a day of rug hooking at Searsport Rugs and meeting up with a few friends who live several hours away from my home. Of course I encountered heavy traffic (dang tourists!) until I got above Freeport as traveling on a Friday night on the Maine coast during the summertime is not advisable. Heavy thunderstorms added to the traffic as it was obvious that some people can't drive on a wet road (dang tourists!). Thank God that they seldom visit when snow is on the ground. Once I hit Augusta I took a favorite back road and left all traffic and storms behind.
Here is a nice shot of the beautiful Searsport harbor. 
Saturday morning brought a heavy fog that burned off and developed into a hot day. A tent had been set up on the large lawn behind the store and numerous chairs were nearby. There was also a hooking space available inside the building. Kat and Merideth and I chose to sit a bit away from the crowd under the shade of a beautiful tree. Within a few hours everyone in the building came outside because of the heat, and the tent was unbearably hot so everyone ended up sitting in the shade of the trees.
A gentle breeze developed and it was quite pleasant.
Kat was working on a wonderful primitive rug that is a memory rug for her dog. It has two dogs on it and a fabulous tree that she hooked using a variety of subtle colors that really give the tree life. Hopefully she will post a picture when she gets it finished.
I was working on a rug that I began last year and had not picked up for 6 months. It is a Patsy Becker design and I am using some bright colors on the five center tulips with a dark teal background. Behind me you can see the "chairs deemed unsuitable for hooking" area. They were too high, or too low, or too hard, or too soft, or the arms were too high.
Of course the shop was open and is always a pleasure to go through. It is in a large rambling house with rooms dedicated for different items. For example, one room held mostly books and kits. Another room is full of patterns arranged by type such as geometrics, and there is the dye room. And the largest room holds luscious bolts and cut pieces of wool. Numerous samples decorate the walls and entice you to purchase patterns or kits.

This sweet kitty caught my eye and I liked the colors
Here are some of the beautifully dyed wools in the main wool room.
Last year I had purchased this pomegranate pattern but have yet to hook it as I need to finish some other UFO's. I took this photo to give me some ideas of what I like and might not like to do when I pick up the hook and begin my pattern next winter. I like the interior colors but might choose a light golden brown for the border background. We'll see!
And yes, there was food. Glorious food. Delicious quiche, warm popovers, pickled asparagus, fresh salads, and delicious deserts including cakes and a fabulous hot peach turnover in syrup. After lunch we waddled happily out to our tree for a couple more hours of hooking.
I totally enjoyed the day and was quite surprised that I actually knew about half of the women from other places such as Tin Pedlars or the Alfred hook in. It was a relaxing day, and it prompted me to put away my spinning wheel for a bit and pick up my hook. It felt good.


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

It looked like a perfect day!!

WoolenSails said...

It looks like you had a wonderful day and love that picture of you.


Jacque. said...

What a great day!

And, by the way, I truly enjoy your music.

ShabbySheep said...

Hi Lauri, Speaking of dang tourists...We'll be there in Sept! Got the plane tickets sorted out, etc. We are going to go up north on Tues and Wed. and stay at the Yardarm Motel. I have the list of places to go from there. And I talked to the girls at Searsport. Julie said the shop is closed on Tuesdays, just my luck. I for sure want to go there though.
What is the weather usually like the first of Sept? I'm sure it's alot cooler than here. The heat index has been 110-115 for the past few days. They've issued heat warnings!
Can't wait to meet you in person!

Lorrie said...

I finally had the chance to go to Searsport last week. I had so much fun browsing and shopping, wanted to just keep buying and buying, the selection of wool was yummy. I did come home with some wool and a new pattern. I hope to start hooking that tomorrow. In the meantime I did finish two mats this past week, now to bind them. LOL


LadybugSue said...

This one made me very hungry!!!!