Friday, April 30, 2010

Elegance and Relaxation in Pennsy

Often we need to plan our vacations so that they are just that...a time away from the things that are common to us so that we can take a breath and be fresh when we return to our lives and routines. That is what I have done on my vacation this week.
I traveled from our home in Maine through New Jersey where I visited the town where I grew up...Cinnaminson. Then I went to stay for 5 days at the lovely Shearer Elegance Bed & Breakfast Inn located in Linfield Pennsylvania. This post will show photo's of the beautiful Inn.
My friend Kim drove up from Virginia to enjoy the long weekend with me, and it was a thrill to see her. We live so far apart that our ability to get together in person only comes once every few years. Our large room was sheer bliss. It had a lovely gas fireplace and a large four poster bed. Each room had a private bath and ours had a sweet old claw foot tub that was dripping with lace curtains and stenciled.
Each room of the Inn had special collections of the owner Cookie. Ours had two wall cabinets full of ornate beaded purses. It also had a large glass cabinet full of antique perfume bottles.

This was my favorite part of the room where I enjoyed many hours of reading. The wallpaper was actual fabric and the rugs were custom made to suit the unique shape of the room. Tall ceilings with chandeliers added an extra elegance to the atmosphere.
This shows the bed in another room at the Inn. Each room was large and elegant but comfortable.
This room is the small dining room and was about 20' X 30'. I spent most of my evenings sitting on that pink chair spinning on my spinning wheel and it felt quite natural to be spinning in that environment.
This is the main hallway of the Inn. The door at the back leads to the former servants quarters and kitchen and is where the owners live. Coffee, tea and cookies or cakes were always available near the back of the hall.
The woodwork in the home was fabulous and I always appreciate the work of master craftsman. This view is looking up from the stairs at the ceiling below the stairs.
Each stair landing was large enough for Cookie to create a lovely sitting area full of cozy spaces and antiques. There are three floors at the Inn.
This is the main living room. I was staying at this particular Inn to attend a spinning workshop. In my next post you will see these same rooms full of spinning wheels with fibery fluff all over the place!
There was quite a lot of stained glass in the windows and most of the doors of the home.
When I left home the daffodils were just coming up and there were no leaves on the trees. The gardens at the Inn and warm temperatures had me enjoying much of my time outdoors. The property is 3 acres that is beautifully landscaped with gardens, sculptures and water features such as a coy pond. Blossoms were everywhere.
Beautiful, isn't it? This magnificent and well loved Inn is currently for sale. Since it is in a very small town surrounded by "normal" homes the asking price is a mere $700,000. And it comes furnished!!! It is a successful and thriving business so if you are looking to find a dream home and welcome guests for weddings or vacations or workshops this is a bargain. Or if you are near Reading PA and looking for a lovely place to stay while you explore the area this place is perfect.  


WoolenSails said...

What a gorgeous inn.
You should have stopped and picked me up, lol.

We stayed in an old inn on the lake champlain when I was younger. All original furniture and antiques and the most wonderful meals.


Joanne said...

Oh Lauri - you were less than 10 miles from me! Wish I would have know - you could have come over for a visit!

LadybugSue said...

I have been to Readingmany years ago, family friends lived there.
All gone now but would love to visit that place it is goregous.

lovepennyrugs said...

Love your post and loved the pictures of the B&B. I love antiques and I would have fit in there very well. Sounds like you had a great time. Maybe one day our paths will cross and we will get to meet each other.
love in wool,