Saturday, January 16, 2010

Binding and completing...

I am almost completed with my holiday tasks. The tree and decorations have been cleaned. and safely stored for next year. My handwritten thank you notes have been sent, although I will admit that I don't do as many as I should. I have eaten most of the chocolate and delectables that people gave us. Such a chore!

Several friends sent beautiful handmade gifts to me and I wanted to share some special ones with you. The punchneedle bird pillow is precious, and was gifted to me by Debbie St. Germain. It has a special place on my craft hutch in front of my antler handled awls I use for making baskets and proddy tools I made from a moose rack. It is very special and was the perfect gift for my tastes. Thank you Debbie!

This hooked snowman was gifted to me by Diane Tanerello as part of the Secret Santa swap on the Wool Snippets group. I love the wool scarf and he will be able to "hang out" for the rest of the winter. I enjoy seasonal gifts as they can be on display much longer than the month of December. Winter is 4 months of snow and cold up here! Thank you so much Diane, I love him!

My friend Laura recently learned to knit, and has been learning quickly and her needles are flying every evening. She made me a special pair of butter soft socks in my favorite colors. I am saving them for when I go to spinning group, because when you spin on the wheel you never wear shoes. It will be a perfect time to show off Laura's skill as a knitter. Thank youLaura!

My next hooking project was begun at the N.Y. Sheep and Wool festival in a class. One of many UFO's (unfinished objects). I wanted to practice my circles so am doing the body in a circular pattern with gently mottled tan wool. Currently the background is a large void, and I want to add something but am not sure what it will be. Perhaps a tree, or a design within the background wool. I plan to complete the sheep and see where my mind takes me with the background.

The border on the Old Glory rug is completed, and it is hanging on the wall behind my hooking/ crafting chair. I will show you the steps I took to make my binding, but have found that there are many ways to do it. Since this was to be hung on a wall I decided to put cording within the binding. I have heard that if you put cording in the binding of a floor rug it will wear faster as the cording takes a lot of wear. Others say the cording protects the loops from wear and takes the brunt of traffic abuse. Different schools of thought.

I had zig zagged the edge on my sewing machine, trimmed it and folded the backing over the cording towards the back ot the rug. Then I pinned it with long quilting pins all around the rug, taking special care to miter the corners on the back as I pinned them.

I used Candide yarn doubled and a large curved needle. Holding the binding tape right up against the loops, I inserted the threaded needle through the backing, behind the cording, and brought the needle back out through the binding tape. I pulled the tape away from the loops in the picture above so you could see how close I was getting to the loops. I did not stitch through the binding tape on the loop side (right side) because it is secured when I bring the yarn through it on the left, and also by the wrapover of yarn as I bind. With each stitch I made sure that the yarn did not twist, and did not pull tight, just gently snugged. When I have pulled the loops tightly in the past I seem to have an uneven edge.

Before I do corners I make sure the backing and binding are both pinned nicely before I get to the corner. I am able to hold the binding tape in place with my hand on a straight area, but not on a corner. On corners I use almose twice as many stitches in order to cover the curve and am very attentive to not crossing the yarn. Sorry, I didn't get a photo of the corner or back. I bought myself a new camera and was challenged a bit at getting photo's on here today! After I bound with yarn, I basted the loose edge of the binding tape to the backing with heavy thread on the back side of the rug. I don't mind using the yarn and find it relaxing. But basting without catching the loops is tedious for me. If you catch the loops they will pull out. You want to only catch the backing threads as you baste.

Although I am still new at binding a rug I find that if I take my time and pay attention, it all works out just fine. I know that with time and more experience my bindings will be even better. Hope you have a wonderful day! Happy hooking!

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Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Old Glory is a beauty and the sheep rug is looking wonderful with the soft circles. Looks to me as though you have mastered the art of binding!

Poettess said...


I am the one who knit the Jimi Hendrix sweater and I did indeed design it myself for my son, Nick. I used images from the web (with permission from the artist for the one on the front side), gray scaled them and copied them onto charts that reflected my gauge.

Tess Baumberger

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