Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independence Weekend

Although I have been planning to have a yard sale for 7 weeks, our weather in Maine has not cooperated. My better half is doing renovations on our barn, and that brings the necessity of reducing my collection of "stuff". The back of the barn no longer has a floor! I am a packrat, and proud of it. If anyone needs anything, all they have to do is ask and I can probably come up with the item. I know, it's a bit of an obsession but it's my only vice (cough, cough!)

I had asked at work to borrow the sweet little 10' X 12' tent as I knew we would get rain. That was unavailable, so they (as a joke) gave me the 20' X 30' circus tent!!! Little did they know that I spent 10 years working with large tents on a show called Riverfest in Manchester NH. The two of us had that little baby up in less than 45 minutes. Even I was impressed! And it gave the impression that something interesting was about to happen at our home!
The weather held each day until late afternoon. I spent all day Friday hauling items out of the barn, and pretty much filled the tent. The pictures were taken about noontime. We live off the beaten path, so good signs are critical. I planned to run the sale 8am to 7pm Saturday, and Sunday until 1:00. I put the signs out Friday evening and was asleep on the couch by 8:00.I love going to auctions, and often come up with large box lots of old vintage linens. I sorted through and put older items and items that were not in pristine condition on my drying racks. I keep the perfect items to gift to friends and sell where I can get a bit more money. As I sorted through the linens, I came upon some hankies that made me laugh. Each figure is about 4" tall and is hand appliqued in detail. The boobies and buns are gently padded from the back. They are really well done and in perfect condition, and I kept the 6 hankies with thoughts of framing the set. The linens they were with date to the 1930's and 40's. Here they are:They made me smile when I found them. Early Saturday morning a lot of people arrived and started handing me money and taking my things away, which both pleased me and made me a little sad. The antique items flew, as the dealers get out early and love to see "Barn Sale" signs. I had a wonderful day socializing with people. You see, where I live you seldom meet your neighbors as the homes are not close to each other. I even showed some people our filthy home. Our kitchen table was buried all weekend in laundry and things I had pulled out for the sale, and because of the rain the floor is filthy. My work schedule has not enabled me to do cleaning. Oh well! I met some great people. Saturday afternoon we had a thunderstorm with hail, but the tent was wonderful. This afternoon some Freecyclers took away the items I didn't sell and no longer needed, and the tent is back in it's massive bag in my car.
I worked a bit on my Old Glory rug this weekend, but have been tired and hope to get more done on it this week. I will change a few things like the neck feathers, but it's coming along nicely. Oh...Rae? You know that red wool I bought from you? I found my stash of your hand dyed beautiful red right after I got home that day. Doesn't it figure?

I hope you had a great weekend and celebrated the choices and freedoms that we enjoy in this country. God bless America and our honorable soldiers who have protected our freedoms and the rights of others.