Saturday, January 10, 2009

What I can do I must do...

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life"
Pablo Picasso

I have been spending some time each day on my crafting. I had pulled out a proddy wreath that I had begun three years ago with the intention of finishing off the interior circle and whipping it to a metal wreath frame for shaping. Then I read Gene Shepherd's wonderful book and realized that my sad wreath looked pretty lame! So I ended up making a little bird out of wool, using a simple pattern and blanket stitching it together. The base is one of the little erasers that you would use to clean off a magic erase board. It was used because it was handy, and has a nice felt bottom. I think it came out rather cute.
I bound off on the "thing" that I have been knitting. At this point it is a wonderful and extremely long scarf (7 feet)...but it is going to morph into something different. I love the wools, and they remind me of my travels. I got some from London Wul in New Brunswick, some from spinning friends in Maine and New Hampshire and Greenland, and some that I just picked up on different trips. We all have something that we bring back from vacations. For souvenier is almost always wool fabric or yarn!
I finally pulled out the Padula rug to work on. I decised on the "KISS" method for completion (meaning Keep It Simple Stupid!"). So I changed the border from the tongues to a simple vine with a couple of leaves on each corner. I dyed more wool for the background since I never found the original wool. (I think I overdyed it with something else!) It really blends much better than it shows on this picture, and without the flash of the camera making it look gray you can barely tell the difference between current work and what I began a long time ago. Now I'm motivated to finish it and am hoping to focus on it until it is complete. (Ha! Me focus???)
I live in a "Hunter-Gatherer" better half is the hunter and I am the gatherer. No surprise there, right? We happen to have some moose and deer racks and antlers in the barn that I have been wanting to do something creative with. Last weekend I began by cutting off part of the moose rack, and then worked on grinding it in order to make a couple of proddy tools. I shaped them the way I wanted them, and felt they were comfortable in my hand and a good length. Then I used a fine drill to make holes in the ends and threaded thin leather with beads for embellishments. For a first effort I don't think they turned out too bad at all. When warm weather arrives in the Spring I will try to focus on my basket making as I have several antlers that will make wonderful basket handles. But yet another storm is approaching tonight, and for the winter I will focus on wool, and rug hooking as it keeps the lap warm on a chilly winter night.
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WoolenSails said...

You are keeping busy, I see. Love the bird make do. I am still deciding on what I will make to go on my spring.

I love to use wools from friends in my projects, a nice way to remember the good friends I have made.


theoldestonehouse said...

I love the bird. It looks good in the proddy rug. I worked on some projects today too. Just seems good to finish up stuff.


Kathy (woolfind) said...

Everything looks wonderful. I like the bird too,and the "thing" is awesome. That's a lot of knitting. Your vine and leaves look nice around your padula rug. It is nice and simple. The tongues would look nice too, but I understand what you mean!
How cool are those proddy tools?? Great way to use the antlers!

Joanne said...

Wow Lauri - you have been very productive - love all your projects! Love that you look at your scarf and think of your travels!

Cranberry Creek Herbs said...

omg, miz, you blog is absolutely beautiful. you are such a talented fiber artist.

hugs, arleen

Kath said...


Beautiful blog-Beautiful home-beautiful crafting!

Love it all!


Kath said...

PS-"Tiggy" is BEAUTIFUL too :)

Jacque said... were actually the #1 blogger on my Pay-It-Forward post...the previous 2 don't have blogs/or don't make things. So...please send your snail mail address to me via email (catch the link on the profile page on my blog). And, don't forget to Pay-It-Forward! YAY...I'm too excited!

Jacque said...

Hey Lauri...check out my blog...there's something there for you! Congratulations!

Sheri said...

Please show us the proddy tool you made. Sounds really cool!!!