Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our Home Tour

Since some of you seem to have liked the photos I have shown, I thought I would torture you with my own tour. It won't take's all one room with the fireplace structure in the center!!! And after all, it is semi clean right now and has a few Christmas decorations up. So here goes my tour of our 1860's Cape.
It was a flea filled shack when we moved in...with unfinished walls and subflooring under our feet. No one had taken care of it in any way for at least 50 years. The top photo was taken with my back to the front door, looking a bit to the right into the living room. You can see our woodstove that is our primary heat source. Our little telephone table is on the right, and further to the right out of view is my bookcase-hutch. The next picture is what you see as you enter (looking slightly left) to the kitchen side of the massive brick fireplace structure.Standing in the kitchen with my back to the cabinets I'll show a few shots. The kitchen side has a small fireplace that we never use but it does function. That hearth is our dog's eating area. The crock is full of dog food, and the antique specimen jar is for his bones. You can see the front door that is never used. Good friends always use the back door.At this point I will tell you that the people who owned the home before us felt it had spirits that would visit them. That's one of the reasons that they moved. We laughed it off, although I have had some strange experiences in my life that I won't tell now. I will tell you that the house and barn had places where you would feel as though you were being watched, and you would feel chilled...even in the summer. Creepy...and we both felt it. Over time as we fixed up the place those sensations subsided. If there were spirits I think they are happy that there are people who are fixing up their old home and taking care of the place. But when I see my pictures come out with swirls of grey that don't exist in the room (like the above shot) I kinda wonder. There was no light or anything in the room that would cause that.The above shot is taken looking slightly right, with my back still against the cabinets. The painted bunny chest holds VCR tapes, and the old green bucket holds all those plastic bags that we get at the grocery store.The copper coal hod holds our dishtowels. Since it is an old house it only has one closet upstairs...for everything! So you will see a variety of crocks, chests and objects that disguise our "stuff". The chimney has it's original bee hive oven with cast iron door, and it's a great place to let bread rise when the woodstove is going. The woodstove is just to the right around the corner.
The next photo is looking slightly left and shows our tree, and 8' long table. The table top is 3" thick and was made of old floorboards from a building in Georgia. I actually have 8 old ladderback chairs that can go around the table and look lovely. But they are incredibly uncomfortable! So we have a mix of chairs for now until I see a nice (comfortable) set at auction for a fair price. If we had taller ceilings I would probably have baskets and herbs hanging all over the place. But with low ceilings you have to be selective where you hang your collections. Above the kitchen fireplace (and dog eating area) is a collection of old mashers. My hubby has to have mashed potatoes with every meal, even pizza. So I started collecting old mashers.
From the from door shot you could see the following at a distance. This is I have my corner of the living room with all my crafty stuff within reach. To the right out of sight is the couch. That's the hubby's spot. It's currently covered with winter coats that were on the back of the kitchen chairs before I began taking pictures. I'll put them back on the chairs before he gets home!I have an old tool tray behind my chair that sits upon a very old stand that formerly was used for "booking" wallpaper. That tray holds a lot, and under the stand are a couple of old crates that hold some wool and UFO's. Hooks, needles, punchneedle items, spools for's all here!
This shot is taken from the top of the stairs looking down (you can see the Christmas tree in the kitchen). There is a huge beam that goes across the space where I hang some of my larger baskets. (Storage, remember?)
And as you go down the stairs and look straight across this is what you see. Did I tell you everyone has to duck to get down the stairs because there is a big 'ol beam there? The chest and other items provides protection for us (and the dog) as there is no railing on that side. I will refrain from showing you the upstairs today as it is quite messy. And I don't feel like dealing with it today. I think I'll start a fire in the woodstove and sit back with a cuppa tea that my Secret Santa Susan sent. I'll read my new issue of Wool Street Journal that just arrived, and think about a project I have been wanting to make...with moose antlers. I'll keep you posted!


WoolenSails said...

Love seeing your home, and it is a home. I know I would feel comfortable and at home the minute I stepped in your door.

I hate to tell you, but I think the gray shadow is caused by the side window;) I grew up in an old farmhouse and we had actual sightings of ghosts.

You will have to take picts of your cabin so I can see what it is like inside.


Kathy (woolfind) said...

Very warm and inviting. Thanks so much for sharing. Truely a lovely home...

Miz T. said...

Thanks is a comfortable place where all are welcome to pad around in stocking feet. Hubby says that it's better than going to camp. You take the fun out of my gray swirls (they don't show well on the computer screen). We'll have to share true ghost tales someday. I'm sure you have some good ones from the farmhouse.
And thank you's not fancy...but it's home.

Cary said...

Your home is beautiful!

Paul in NJ said...

I was a history major, I love historic homes - but I think I'd buy a replica because I coulsn't keep up with it ! I too, love real mashed potatoes, just not at every meal LOL. Have a 'cuppa for me, Lauri !

Paul in "Joisey"

Paul in NJ said...

Sorry..."couldn't" keep up with it

Wool it Over said...

Oh my, what a wonderful home you have. Filled with wonderful items from days gone by. I really enjoyed the tour, it was the next best thing to being there. It looks like something I would see in a magazine. Thanks so much for taking the time to take the pictures and posting them to your blog. I am so tired, we worked all day and got 30 sheets of drywall up. I am going to bed. BTW..Happy New Year my friend!

Joanne said...

Lauri - I absolutely love your home - it's so homey and nice - Oh i can picture you sitting there and hooking away! You have some great pieces - Glad your ghosts are friendly!

theoldestonehouse said...

Your home is exactly what I pictured for you. It's a dream house for me. Thanks for sharing it with us. Sorry I haven't been in touch. I'm having computer problems. I'll be in touch when they are fixed{hopefully soon}. But I have been following your blog. Hope your holidays are wondeful.

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

An absolutely lovely home. So cozy and comfortable it must be an joy to live there. You have come up with some inventive storage ideas. Thanks for sharing!

Miz T. said...

Posting this for an old friend who can't log in:

For as long as I have known you Lauri, none of this was suprising at all. The pictures are like looking inside of you. Seeing your heart and it is just as it was many years ago. Warm, cozy, creative and NEVER boring. It's a wonderful treat this house has been given having you for a keeper.
Much love,

JoJo said...

Lauri, I love your home. In the work you've done, along with your decorating style, your home shows the love and care you've given it. It's also priceless that you've restored this home for your own, and for future, generations.

I, too, am interested in your friendly spirits. The friendly ones are usually white orbs and the not-so-friendly are orange. I like to believe your gray swirls are spirits on the move.

I'd love to see you post more pictures. May we see your kitchen, please? And after you feel it's presentable, the upstairs?

Thanks so much for sharing all of your pictures.

June said...

Wow, thank so much for the tour, I loved it! You all should be very, very, proud of the huge accomplishments you've made to the place. It's gorgeous and I hope to visit you one day!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

What a great old house ~ the fireplace is a wonderful 'center' piece to build your home around! And I prefer to think the grey swirls are unearthly souls just hanging around ~ letting you know they're there!!
Thanks for sharing ~