Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas everyone!

I am enjoying a relaxing day. My better half and I exchanged gifts this morning, and had planned for a visit from our grandaughters. But it seems that the flu has struck their family and we will not be seeing them today. Such a shame, as it is a beautiful sunny and almost warm day that would be nice for the drive. Perhaps later in the week they will feel better. As I have said before...the spirit of Christmas shouldn't be reserved for only one day.
I gave my man a new receiver for his T.V. surround system as he constantly had to get up and "thwack" the old one in order to get the speakers to work. So for several hours I have seen nothing of him except his backside behind the T.V. as he attempts to set up the speakers, TIVO, VCR, DVD and satellite sound so everything works. He almost has it, and I'm proud of him as it's only taken 3 beers and very little swearing! I almost took a picture of his butt for you to see how hard he was working, but decided against it.
Above is another amusing shot of a sign in our home. I found it shortly after we moved in 13 years ago, and the time is pretty accurate for when the house was built and also for the condition of the house. It was so appropriate that I had to get it.I am always trying to get a nice picture of our old dog Brutus. Since he is all black, his pictures often turn up as a shadow. But he was sitting near the tree this morning watching me patiently as I prepared the prime rib for dinner. Whenever he smells garlic or horseradish he knows that something wonderful is going to happen. Good dog Bruty!!!This is our Rascal cat. I got her 10 years ago at a yard sale of all with papers! She is a purebred 'coon cat, although this picture doesn't show her fluffy tail. She is small for a 'coon...about 12 pounds. As with all 'coon cats she is a bit naughty much of the time and shows bad manners by going on the counter or sleeping where she shouldn't. She is wondering why her stocking is empty! I'll treat her to some catnip later. Since my afternoon plans have gone astray I believe I will head off to do some reverse hooking on a rug, and then start several parts again with new colors. Ahhh...crafting time. Thank you God...and Happy Birthday Jesus!


WoolenSails said...

I love how you set up your nativity on the stones and with the twig stars. Sounds like you had a nice peaceful day. We got a new tv for ourselves, so of course Bill has been glued to it ever since;)


Joanne said...

Again - love your decorating Lauri - What a nice day you had - hoping your family feels better soon and how nice to have another day to have "Christmas" with the family. How in the world did you get Rascal to sit perfectly for that pic and your puppy!

Paul in NJ said...

Very nice little blog, Lauri - I saved it on my favorites.

Paul from Cinnaminson NJ (now Columbus NJ)

jan said...

I enjoy the way you write Lauri. Reminds me of my past life. (the part about your hubby he he). Love your animal pictures too. Their pictures speak for them.

June said...

Hi Lauri, oh my goodness what a great blog you have here! It will take me days to catch up, but I wanted you to know I was here, and I plan to add you to my blog list today! Your home is gorgeous, it makes me a bit homesick for Maine!

Huggs and Happy New Year to you and yours!

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Your sign is absolutely wonderful it's a treasure in itself. Your kitty and dog are adorable. What fun they must have. Glad you found some time to set and hook. Have a wonderful weekend!