Thursday, November 27, 2008

Giving Thanks...

This day reminds us of all the blessings that we have in our lives. No matter our hardships, there is something wonderful that we have been blessed with from God. I believe that there are angels in my life (whether human or spiritual or both) who keep an eye out for me and help me continue to enjoy a very good life. I have nothing to complain about, and am disheartened when I hear people complain about petty things when they have even more to be grateful for than I do. I always try to be good and kind, and helpful. It must be my Girl Scout background and parent's positive influence. I want to thank everyone who sent me a comment about my last post, as each note became a hug for me in the healing process. Although most of you are total strangers to me, your words can soften hurt, bring encouragement and add extra smiles to my day. You are appreciated!!!
Our turkey is in the oven and I am planning to enjoy a relaxing day filled with butt sitting and crafting time that I seldom have the opportunity to enjoy. I finished the binding on my cabin mat a little while ago, and can happily say that I have completed a project! I find that if I am doing a project where I have selected the pattern and colors, I put more care into it and scrutinize each color and placement. Possibly too much analysis can go into a rug and take away from the enjoyment of the creation. With this mat I was not terribly choosy as many of the colors had been selected for me. But it looks nice by our hearth and is just the right size. I am about to begin some ornaments today, as well as a small project for a swap. Tha pumpkin penny rug shown on this post is one of my favorite mats I have made. It is a pattern by Karyn Lord and was easy to make with just two stitches. I had to remove it from my table as I have so many food items there now, but later today when things are cleared it will be my centerpiece again. Each year I usually find a few people who do not have "family" to share their day with and invite them to join us for the day. But this Thanksgiving everyone seemed to have a place for a meal so today will be just the two of us. That is good. The grandaughters will invade this weekend and help take care of the leftovers, and I hope to continue knitting lessons with them. They always bring their yarn and needles when they visit. Time to put another log in the woodstove, baste the turkey and peel some vegetables. I hope you all have a safe, warm and love filled day.


theoldestonehouse said...

Happy Thanksgiving
I love the penny rug. It's beautiful. Enjoy your day!! My hubby got called into work and my girls are at my SIL where we are going for dinner. I am enjoying being alone and working on projects. Something I don't get to do working full time. Not complaining though lucky to still be working.


WoolenSails said...

I love your pumpkin centerpiece and your hearth rug is beautiful too. I like doing simple prim designs for the floor.

Enjoy your day, my kids are coming over, so will have a nice quiet dinner with them.


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Hi Lauri ~ the flower centerpiece on the penny rug is very eye-catching!! And the log cabin rug turned out well in spite of itself, didn't it? Have a good weekend ~

craftingaplenty said...

Hi Laura, I love your pumkin center peice. I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgivingday. I did enjoy ours. I wasn't going to cook, but then decided to and had Carroll's family over. He was very happy about that. I just wanted to say a belated happy Thanksgiving. loretta

danasmith said...

Happy Belated Thanksgiving! I love your penny rugs....I keep telling myself that I need to do one!
Dana in VA