Saturday, August 2, 2008

UFO Challenge

UFO's in the crafting world are Un-Finished Objects. I'm so relieved that I am not the only one who has them! This challenge just came up on the Wool Snippets group, and the challenge is to completely finish a rug hooking project by the end of this year. In other words...focus!!! That is NOT something that I am good at! This challenge is just the thing I need to get me to finish one of the projects that have been in my trunk. So last night I began pulling out my UFO's. Progress on each of these projects usually stopped because I hit a wall with my level of experience. I needed advice to continue, but didn't have it available. I have only been rug hooking for a short time and want it all! Gacks! Which to choose for my project!?! Please help me out and leave a comment for me!

This Padula rug was started last year and is my first attempt to create my own design. It is 19" X 38". I had never used monks cloth before and found it to be soft on the hands, but very stretchy. I stopped working on this for several reasons. The primary reason is that I'm not sure if I should leave the tongues on the edge. I had planned to do the inner row of tongues in darker colors from the rug, and the outer row in darker colors from the rug. I was going to surround each tongue with a thin row of the dark eggplant that I dyed. I don't like it! Another reason that I haven't gone back to this project is that I can't seem to find the background wool that I had! I think I overdyed it for another project! What to do!?!

I obviously can't use this UFO quilt for the rug hooking project. But I began this years ago and really need to finish it. Most of the blocks are completed but there is still a lot of hand stitching that needs to be done. The batik colors are beautiful.

I began this rug last fall when I took Susan Feller's class on Fractur's at the Hooked In the Mountains show in Vermont. It is 24" X 36". It was a huge challenge for me to create this design, but I like it. The side borders were adapted (copied? borrowed?) from a design by Debbie St. Germain (Woolen Sails). The class was three days, and I spent the first day figuring out my design. I spent half of the second day learning how to tranfer a design onto the background, and the rest of the time hooking. I stopped working on this because I had also started another rug at the same time and the busy holidays were approaching. It needs some tweaking and re-hooking in areas, such as the leg of the deer that doesn't look connected. I dyed all the wools and like the way they started to hook into the design.

This large "white on white" wool penny rug can't count for the challenge either. But it deserved finishing! It is 30" point to point on the long side. All I need to do is sew the completed top pennies to the background and finish the edge. I think I'll put this one in the basket next to my chair in the living room so I can work on it in the evening while hubby watches TV.

The wool in this rug was my first attempt at dying wool. The pattern was given to me by another rug hooker, and I do not know who the designer is. It was something she said she would never get around to making. Someone else showed me the rug on the cover of rug hooking magazine hooked by Gail Dufresne. I love sunflowers, so dyed the wool and started it. I used wool yarn for the center of the flowers. I have learned so much since I started this. One thing I can do now that I could not do then is hide the woolie tails! (Thanks Gene!).

This is our Turket Street rug that I designed. It is 36" X 26". It shows our little red Cape home, as well as our barn and the stone wall. The house was built in 1772, and the barn in the early 1800's. This was started for several reasons. I wanted to create our wonderful property on a rug. I had attended Deanne's workshop and wanted to play with textures, yarn and wool strips to show our fields and the sky in her style of artful hooking. The challenges in this rug "kicked my butt" and that is why I put it away for awhile. I don't like the way the windows look. The driveway is flat and needs to recede in the distance. The boulders in the wall are...I don't know...just not right. How do I make them look like a wall instead of looking as if they are laying flat on the ground? I think I need to learn a lot more before I continue on this rug. But perhaps if I choose it for the challenge I will learn as I go? After seeing some of these UFO's on the computer screen I am getting a different perspective on each of them. Now I just have to figure out which one to finish. And of course I didn't even mention my Old Glory eagle rug on this post!!!


goodshepherd53 said...

I vote for either the sunflowers or the house & barn - however, the nice thing about all your hooking UFO's is that what you have done is very nice. (I like your padula flowers very much too.) You've made great starts ... you just need to get them done! Gene

deedeetan said...

Laura, they are all wonderful choices. I thought that I had too many UFO's. It is going to be hard to choose, but I vote for the Padula flowers. Good Luck Diane

Wildflower Wool said...

I think the Padula flowers look the hardest, thus my choice. Those lamb's tongues would make me crazy, but we will encourage you. Then you might have enough time to finish the sunflowers. That looks easier to me. Then on to the barn...ha.

You have beautiful pieces from which to choose!

Rhonda Cavaliere said...

I vote for the house and barn rug. I'm partial to anything with a personal meaning.I'm a sentimental sap.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

You have lots of good choices!! I, too, vote for the padula flowers ~ a suggestion to cut down on the agony might be to do just one row of tongues! It might make the task of finishing not so daunting!! Your hooking is beautiful, by the way!! And I love the white-on-white penny rug!

Sheri said...

I personally like the fractur with the deer that you designed. It will be a beautiful finished piece.

WoolenSails said...

You do have a lot of UFO's;)
I think you should do all of them, hehe.
They are all beautiful and I can't wait to see them finished, so pick out the one that inspires you the most and start with one at a time. I think the tongues might make it too busy, I would opt for a banded color border and let the florals be the main theme.


Mom and Dad said...

Dear Threads of Miz,
This is my first time on this site! I love your projects especially the padula flowers. I would eliminate both or one of the rows of tongues because the flowers speak for themselves. I have a lot of wool. If you could send me a sample of your background I might be able to match it fairly close. Please call Deanna 208-346-6716. Good Luck!

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