Friday, August 1, 2008

I've Been Busy!

Sorry about not posting for awhile. I took a much needed vacation and visited my family in South Carolina for a week. I have the most loving family anyone could want, and know that I am very lucky. My Dad and stepmother married in the 70's a few years after my Mom passed away from breast cancer. She had three very young children (I had graduated college) and we have always had a good friendship. Her children are grown with families of their own and I'm sure I will share a bit more about them in the future. My Dad, who is also my closest buddy, has been sick with cancer. I went to help him celebrate his 80th birthday, and we had a great visit as usual. I would love to see him more but he lives 1200 miles from me. This photo was taken of us a couple years ago at my stepbrother's wedding.

While absent from my blog I attended a Kathy Mattea concert with my friend Laura Lee. We both love Kathy's voice, and if you aren't familiar with her music please check out her website and listen to a few of her tunes. Her new "Coal" album is good, and sends a message about stripmining and it's rape ot the countryside. She comes from a family of miners and knows well the environmental and health issues that coal mining can bring, as well as it's importance to our society. I prefer her older music and could listen to her album "Roses" for hours. The concert was held at the LL Bean complex in Freeport, and was free! You bring your own lawn chairs and we enjoyed sitting outside in perfect weather while happily stitching on our projects. Kathy is great about chatting with people after the show and she's a warm and funny woman. Here is a photo of us that Laura took.

I almost forgot that prior to the show Laura and I went to Halcyon Yarn in Bath to touch all their luscious yarns. I played on the spinning wheels a bit and signed up for their "Intensive Spinning" class in a few weeks. I am very intent to learn spinning as I have tried it and really enjoyed it. I really shouldn't start a new hobby as I already have about 10 of them! And I won't mention all my UFO's!!! Well, maybe I should as it might get me to finish them! Anyway, it was a nice vacation week but quite busy!

Upon my return I found our Tiggy cat to be even skinnier than she usually is. She has always been a tiny cat but something was wrong! She's 21 years old but has always been very healthy. That evening she didn't come in at dusk as usual, but returned the next morning. She was terribly weak and I knew she was at the end of her life. Her purr usually sounds like a lawnmower and there was no purr left in her. I was crying so hard while I held her. I made a vet appointment but feared she wouldn't make it the 4 hours. She did, and the vet kept her overnight as she was dehydrated. She was still in a bad way the next day. I couldn't afford to keep her there, so they showed me how to give her an IV twice a day, and antibiotics. They thought she had parasites in her stomach and that's why she had stopped eating and drinking. Ever give a cat an IV? It's quite an experience, but it worked! For the past week she has been getting stronger every day, and is back to her usual self...including that wonderful purr! She is alive and well, and eating and drinking. I have been keeping her inside, but tomorrow I'll let her go out for a few hours. Both of our cats have full run of our house and can go in and out as they please (when a human will open the door for them!). I am so relieved that she's better! Her blood tests showed that she's quite healthy (heart, liver, kidney's, teeth etc.) and the vet said that if she got through this she might have a couple more years in her. I certainly hope so!


katie said...

I am so happy your cat pulled through, I hope she has many more healthy years.
I do love Kathy Mattea, love the song about her grandparents that says, Where have you been, I'm just not the same when your away, she's a great song writter.
I enjoy your blog

Kimichris said...

Your blog has inspired me to begin my own! Love the pictures and am so glad your kitty is much, much better!

Kim in VA