Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Shed Project

Our latest house project is almost completed. It was actually the total undertaking of my better half. One of our outbuildings is an old garage...very old...probably built in the 1930's. Can you imagine it with an old Model T inside? I have used it as my garden shed for years, and just loved the old worn look of the building. But the years and storms have taken their toll, and the building had lost 1/2 of it's roof and threatened to come down on my head as I transplanted seeds this spring. So hubby decided to fix it. He's retired with lots of spare time.

You will see in the pictures the building two months ago...sagging roofline (with a tarp covering the far side). Broken windows. warped walls. A very rustic and primitive look. He tore it all apart, added a new footing, actual windows with screens, replaced walls, put gravel in for a floor and added new siding. He built a new door that we put on today, and the other one will be built tomorrow. It's a new building!!! I loved the look of the old shed, but this one will not fall down on my head and will be around for another 50 years. I'm SO lucky to have a man around who knows how to build and repair things!

My job is next...I'm the painter in the family. I'll paint it red with cream trim to match our cape house and the cabin. Perhaps next weekend I'll get the brushes out!!!

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