Sunday, July 20, 2008

Old Glory rug

Several months ago I started a hooked rug with a patriotic theme. I had hoped to have it completed by Independence Day...but of course I didn't specify which year!!! May kept me busy with travel for work, and June was busy as I run a summer camp and had to get everything in order for the tornado of children to arrive. So I haven't worked on my rug very much. I did get the eagle finished, and have probably pulled out as much as I have hooked into it...twice! Do you realize that there aren't any good resources for rug hooking that tell you how to do feathers? There are plenty of resources for creating fur, eyes, and scruffy hair. Elizabeth Black...where were you when I needed you! Most of the eagle wool is overdyed recycled wool, and I think it works with this primitive pattern. I'm still not pleased with the eagle's head and think it looks more like a seagull. But I need to "let go" and stop thinking about it. I have a few more days to work on it and then will set it aside again to work on a Challenge for the Wool and Rags group. I have a punchneedle project that I hope to finish tonight and then get back to hooking. So many little time!


Trudy said...


The eagle has landed!!! Really, it looks terrific. I admire you, juggling a hundred things at once, yet still hooking:)


Trudy said...

Hi Lauri,

When you get time, will you visit my blog to accept an award that I have for you?



Sheri said...

Hi Lauri- it looks like an eagle really! I think we're all a little critical or our own work. He looks majestic to me.

Wildflower Wool said...

Oh, I love this! I need to get an eagle done for my son before he graduates in May! You inspire me!

Hook 'em,

P.S. 'Looking forward to getting to you know during the UFO Challenge.