Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Creative People!

I love the wonderful and creative ideas that people have posted on the web. For many years I refused to have a home computer, fearing that the money would be wasted. After all, I seldom watch TV or movies! But I have made some wonderful friends the past few years...from Australia to right around the corner from my home...all through the web. I have read, and learned, and researched. And sometimes I find delightful things like this You Tube video. It's just amazing what people can do with black light and white gloves. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. God bless you!


JoJo said...

This is stunning........and beautiful.

Brenis said...

Oh my gosh i LOVED this!! I have never seen these people before!! Did you see that they have lots?!
haha.. i just lost about an hour watching a bunch of them :) Isn't it amazing that they can fit all those people in there and do that?
Casting Crowns and Mercy Me are two of my favorite bands - so this was so awesome! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!! :D
xo Bren