Sunday, July 20, 2008

Old Glory rug

Several months ago I started a hooked rug with a patriotic theme. I had hoped to have it completed by Independence Day...but of course I didn't specify which year!!! May kept me busy with travel for work, and June was busy as I run a summer camp and had to get everything in order for the tornado of children to arrive. So I haven't worked on my rug very much. I did get the eagle finished, and have probably pulled out as much as I have hooked into it...twice! Do you realize that there aren't any good resources for rug hooking that tell you how to do feathers? There are plenty of resources for creating fur, eyes, and scruffy hair. Elizabeth Black...where were you when I needed you! Most of the eagle wool is overdyed recycled wool, and I think it works with this primitive pattern. I'm still not pleased with the eagle's head and think it looks more like a seagull. But I need to "let go" and stop thinking about it. I have a few more days to work on it and then will set it aside again to work on a Challenge for the Wool and Rags group. I have a punchneedle project that I hope to finish tonight and then get back to hooking. So many little time!

The Shed Project

Our latest house project is almost completed. It was actually the total undertaking of my better half. One of our outbuildings is an old garage...very old...probably built in the 1930's. Can you imagine it with an old Model T inside? I have used it as my garden shed for years, and just loved the old worn look of the building. But the years and storms have taken their toll, and the building had lost 1/2 of it's roof and threatened to come down on my head as I transplanted seeds this spring. So hubby decided to fix it. He's retired with lots of spare time.

You will see in the pictures the building two months ago...sagging roofline (with a tarp covering the far side). Broken windows. warped walls. A very rustic and primitive look. He tore it all apart, added a new footing, actual windows with screens, replaced walls, put gravel in for a floor and added new siding. He built a new door that we put on today, and the other one will be built tomorrow. It's a new building!!! I loved the look of the old shed, but this one will not fall down on my head and will be around for another 50 years. I'm SO lucky to have a man around who knows how to build and repair things!

My job is next...I'm the painter in the family. I'll paint it red with cream trim to match our cape house and the cabin. Perhaps next weekend I'll get the brushes out!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Creative People!

I love the wonderful and creative ideas that people have posted on the web. For many years I refused to have a home computer, fearing that the money would be wasted. After all, I seldom watch TV or movies! But I have made some wonderful friends the past few years...from Australia to right around the corner from my home...all through the web. I have read, and learned, and researched. And sometimes I find delightful things like this You Tube video. It's just amazing what people can do with black light and white gloves. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. God bless you!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Yard Sales and wool!

I always feel badly that there are areas of the world that don't have yard sales (or tag sales, garage sales or whatever you call them). I just love the thrill of the hunt, and it's always interesting what treasures will be found in my station wagon when I arrive home. This morning I hit a wool bargain, and got many yards of bolt wool for a mere $20.00. A rug braider was reducing her stash at a church yard sale and I was in the right place at the right time. The colors will be great to overdye too!!! My old kitty Tiggy had to jump up and inspect the wool and found it to be just right for a nap.

I also got an interesting handmade rug hooking frame. The top is a double frame, and your backing is to be placed on the inside frame that has a rubber grommet all around the edge. The outside frame adjusts over the inside frame with wing nuts, and it appears that it will hold the fabric quite taught! The top of the frame is quite adjustable to any tilt angle. The seller didn't know what it was and I paid only $5.00 for it. I also got a nice queen size duvet with sheet set and dust ruffle in new condition for a few dollars. Of course there were the other items that jumped into my car including a footstool (never pass them up!), an antique end table, small jar with a sheep (had to come home) and other things. Total for the day? Less than $40.00. Then I went grocery shopping and spent $75.00 on boring things like cat litter and paper towels!!!

The large and sturdy rocking horse was purchased at a yard sale a couple weeks ago for $4.00. I have plans for him (along with the numerous items I have stashed in our barn). He's one of those "in my spare time" projects!!! I plan to clean him up and sand him a bit, them paint him gloss black. I will paint pretty florals on his hips. His current ratty mane will be replaced with long brown and tan wool worms. I'm sure it will look quite nice when finished. After that I might donate him to a fund raiser for a local hooking group, or sell him. I have no place for him in our house but he had to come home with me!

I never, ever bring a yard sale item into our home without a good cleaning as you never know where it has been. So I will spend a lot of time running wool through the washer today, as well as the new duvet. I'll give the new rug frame a good scrubbing too. I'll be in my Garden of Weedin' for most of the afternoon, and after an easy grilled dinner I plan to hook away the evening...perhaps on my new frame! Happy Birthday America!!! God Bless you!!!