Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rainbow alert!

Today was quite hectic at work. All day I was looking forward to getting back to our quiet home and enjoying a relaxing evening. On the long drive home the skies opened up and a deluge of rain engulfed my car. Within a few more miles I was in the middle of a serious lightening and thunder storm. The commute seemed much longer than the usual 45 minutes. Just after I entered our driveway...the sun's rays lit part of the sky. A rainbow appeared...then another above it. Gosh...it's good to be home...and I am blessed. Here are some photo's I took of our backyard a few minutes ago.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Weed wacking your frustrations

Have you ever gone to work and been so busy that at the end of the day you felt as though you had been beaten up? That's the way I felt today. I love my job, but sometimes I am just tired of it and want to be home doing the things that I really want to be doing! Why can't someone pay me to do my crafts and garden? Let me clarify that...pay me enough to live on!

When I got home it was in the 90's, but our yard had become overgrown with the rain we had last week. So I got out the weedwacker and got out my agressions from work. We have quite a few acres of land, and keep about 4 acres cleared and mowed. So weed wacking takes a solid two hours, and mowing about 6. After I was finished chopping around the edges of everything, I got on the lawn tractor and mowed until dark. I love to mow...it certainly isn't hard work to ride it around and it's a pleasure to see the progress. I'm lucky that I don't have allergies and the smell of fresh cut grass is one of my favorites. My gardens have some nice color and the poppies "popped" today. They don't last long, but are the most amazing color! This picture comes quite close to reflecting their true color, and was taken without flash. The lupine are thriving too and are probably my favorite color if I had to choose...I call it periwinkle. I must say that all that yard work eased the frustrations of the day and I'll be ready for another day at work after a little craft time and a good night's sleep.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ahhh...the Way Life Should Be...

Maine...the way life should be. That is our State motto, and reflects the slower pace that we often have in the North East. Well...until the tourists arrive! We have had a houseguest from Tennessee for a weeek, and all of our guests are served a a meal of lobster (lobstah) during their stay. I took this photo as the men were washing up for dinner.

Lobster taste good when they come from Maine or Nova Scotia waters as the water is iceburg cold. They can live to be over 100 years old, and I believe it takes them about 6 years to grow a pound in size. The largest lobster ever caught was over 44 pounds! Dinner is over, and the table is cleaned of butter drips. I'm heading to go hook on my rug for awhile and spend time with the men.

Monday, June 2, 2008

My penny mat obsession

I discovered antique penny mats long ago, and loved the primitive look, the feel of the wool and the simple stitches that were used a hundred years ago. When I was encouraged by my friends to get a computer in our home, a new world opened up for me. I discovered that there were others who appreciated penny rugs, and that there were people starting to create applique designs as well as the circle penny style. I joined a penny rug internet group, and learned so many different techniques. Everyone has a different style. My favorite designer is Karyn Lord...although there are many who have patterns that I would love to make. I seem to be drawn to the circle penny style of mat, but going around in circles all the time drives be crazy when I'm stitching. So I tend to make more of the applique style. I love their portability and usually have one in my purse or in the car. Here are a few of the table mats that I have made.