Friday, May 30, 2008

"Once Upon a Time" rug?

I'm so excited! I just found out that I got into a class taught by Jule Marie Smith this November! I love the expressions in her rugs...borders, colors. Her rugs sing with enthusiasm for life! The class title is "Once Upon a Time". We will create our own design for the class. While many ideas are going through my head, I am drawn to creating a rug about some of my friendships.

Several years ago I lost my dear friend Mo to cancer. We shared so many wonderful trips and glorious memories together...and I miss her dearly. Without her I probably would never have discovered rug hooking. Yet another dear friend passed away just a few days ago. Donna had a wonderful life until MS captured her body, and after a time she ended up in a nursing home where she has lived for 7 years. Complications from gall bladder surgery just took her away. Other friends are alive and well, and I am blessed with their love, laughter and creativity every day. So I think I will make a "Once Upon a Time" rug reflecting some of the happy experiences I have shared with my friends. I wonder where that thought will meander in the next six months!?!


Brenis said...

Hi Lauri!
Ooh i'm so excited for you!!! I too get to take Jule Marie's class this year in September! I'm beside myself with excitement!!
Love your new blog, girl! Congrats on getting it up and running!
Oh.. and before i forget - i just LOVE that shot of your tiggy!! :)
xo bren

JoJo said...

I love your picture of Tiggy too. As a mom to 6 fur covered children, I'm partial to people with kitties.

Lauri, may I ask where in Maine you live? My husband grew up in Orland and moved to Bucksport when he was 12. As a retired Coastie, we ended up in Kansas. We're overdue a trip back to Maine to see hubby's mother, sister and brother but don't know that it will be this year due to gas prices. But I was wondering where you're located?