Friday, May 30, 2008

Next project

I recently purchased this pattern from Monika Jones (Folk Art Landing). I love anything patriotic and this pattern called to me. Although I have other patterns I have started, I decided that I would give myself a deadline of completing it by Independence Day in July.'s public so I have to make the effort!

My hooking is rather haphazard as I have a lot to learn, but I'm going to try and make my loops rather even and going in the right direction on this rug. I thought the color plan would be simple (red, white and blue, duh!) but realized nothing is simple. I wanted a light background, but needed contrast with the white of the flag and eagle. So I dyed a beige background that I think will work. I can outline if I need to for more contrast, right? The eagle is a challenge for me, and I don't like the neck feathers but will leave them for now. (Make note to try and take a Trish Becker class or other class teaching how to hook animals) Time to go get some hooking done!

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DIANE L said...

Lauri nice! Diane